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Ravens and Writing Desks

Project Information/Progress

Pandora Hearts, a beautifully illustrated and written manga is coming to a close after seven+ years. I wanted to celebrate this and show our gratitude to Jun Mochizuki with a high quality fanbook. (a copy will be sent to her, though copies will probably be up for sale). I am in the early steps of setting this large project up, from inviting skilled artists deciding the best publisher. Lets demonstrate to Mochizuki-sama how much we've appreciated all her amazing work by showing her the wonderful artists she inspired. To make the fanbook a truly inspiring and beautiful tribute to this gorgeous series I am inviting prominent and skilled artists that are fans of Pandora Hearts. Of course this does not mean the group is painfully exclusive, anyone interested in contributing is welcome to submit a join request form.

Fanbook Contents

The fanbook is currently being set up to cover a wide variety of art forms. Categories include;
-Digital Art
- As well as a special segment "Letters to Mochizuki" in which you can send your appreciation and sentiments to the mangaka through a special note.

Purchase and Pricing?

The fanbook will be available for purchase to all. The price is not currently confirmed until I settle on a publisher and gather the general number of pre-orders wanted/pages needed but currently the prices are estimate to be between $30-$50 (normal art book price range). Any leftover funds (if any) will be used to cover shipping costs and to cover the price of the copy sent to Mochizuki.

Join Requests

If you have been sent an invitation I will personally note you to get your information.
If you wish to join fill out this form with your Join Request;

Name/Pen Name:
Add your name as you want it shown in the fanbook
Country: Your country will also be listed beside your work
Examples of Work: preferably feature at least three, clean non-wip examples of your work, preferably a Pandora Hearts piece

Your request will be voted upon based on your examples and other work in your gallery.

If you wish to watch the progress and wait for release please watch the group or join as a member, if you are contributing work please join as a contributor. If you wish to assist in other aspects such as looking for a publisher, keeping track of join request and submission and more please note me and we can set you up to be a co-founder.

Submission Guidelines

Submission and Join Request are currently being accepted, there is no set deadline for either until further notice.

- If submitting any work please join as a contributor for easy organization and to keep you informed on group activity. If you believe you are to busy then please let me know. All artists will be informed on current events through mass group messages.
- When submitting please include a title name in the submission comments if you wish for a title to be included in the fanbook with your work.
- If your work is a collaboration or a group-cosplay please include names of all participants, as well as parts played in submission comments.
- Work strictly featuring Pandora Hearts and its characters (chains, humans, any character shown in Pandora Hearts) is acceptable, crossovers and characters not in Pandora Hearts, including fancharacters, ocs, or characters from other series are not allowed.
- Do NOT submit to featured. Featured will be for the cover image and title page images which will be voted upon at a later date.
- Up to three entries per category allowed at the moment, submission allowance may increase in the future.
- For digital OR traditional pieces:
Template for size is US Letter (8.5'' x 11''), 300 dpi, CMYK; include a bleed margin of 3 mm on all sides
landscape or portrait are fine, If its landscape make sure it would be high enough quality for two pages and could be broken through the middle (ie subject should not be in the middle unless you want it to be split)
If work is any smaller then requirement/ has transparent background then this does not apply to you, this is only if you want your work to take an entire -page.
- Work must be yours. no tracing/heavy referencing/art theft.
- If the piece is traditional work, craft, or cosplay please keep it clean. Drawings must be scanned and cropped and craft/cosplay images cannot be blurry and must have good lighting.
-work must be appropriate, no extreme mature content. If you are unsure note me. Due to the nature of the manga; gore, ideologically sensitive material, and mild sexual themes may be acceptable.
- You CAN submit old pieces as long as they conform to the above submission guidelines.


Currently there are no set dates for both submissions, join requests and release date of the fanbook. Contributors will be noted with any changes in deadlines. A rough estimation for publication of the fanbook is estimated at a year.

Anything Else?

There will be a group vote on the cover and title page images as well as the fanbook name. This vote is open to all group-members, not just contributors



the group is now accepting entries for the fanbook!
If you wish to add to the fanbook please join as a contributor, if you wish to just watch the progress join as member.
The current limit of submissions is 3 per category the amount of submissions allowed may increase in the future
-Submit to the correct folders!
-Only 3 submissions per category
-it must be your own work- no heavy tracing, referencing or stealing another artists work!
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NWinn07 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Is it too late or still possible to contribute for the fanbook ? I'd love to draw her characters ! :3
JUS-D Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hi there C:
I'm owner of the icon you used for your group icon 
Please credit me anywhere or maybe add this deviation in your group. 
Have a nice day ~JUS
ShyBlu Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm having trouble submitting my deviation. Is it because I'm not a contributor?
kuroSPITE Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Eep I just discovered this project was happening! :icondeanspazplz: is it still possible to join as a contributor?
Alpha-Nerd Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Student General Artist
yes it is! the project has been paused because of changes in my life but I still plan to continue. Please fill out the form, wed be glad to have you. 
coalanin Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Username: coalanin
Name/Pen Name:
Country: Brazil
Examples of Work:
i've done the first three for the ph fanfest that's currently happening on tumblr. there's more on my gallery/blog!

do you guys have a tumblr or something? i'd love to participate in this but it'd be easier to get in touch there ):
Alpha-Nerd Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Student General Artist
accepted, sorry no tumblr though. ^n^ Since its just me doing the work the project is going very slowly. 
AliceofBunny Featured By Owner May 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I'd like to contribute to the fanbook in the future. PH is my favorite manga, and it'd be really fun to draw fanart of Mochizuki's beautiful characters! <3
Alpha-Nerd Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Student General Artist
it would be a pleasure to have you! send over the join request with the correct form and youre in UuU
ShyBlu Featured By Owner May 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is it okay to apply even if I don't have a PH piece to show? ; w ;
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